TermsWill draw

  • Humans / Humanoid

  • Anthro / Furry

  • Muscles

  • Some Mecha (feel free to inquire!)

  • Fanart

  • Oc x Fanart

  • Oc

  • Couples

  • Nsfw (depending)+EXTRA CHARGE

won't draw

  • Gore (minor injuries are ok)

  • Some nsfw themes | please ask me!

General info

  • Visual and drawn refs required, the more the better!!

  • All backgrounds will be simple ; EX: white, color blocked, or transparent.

  • A sketch will be provided before asking for payment to make sure you are satisfied with the direction!

  • Complex designs / props will have extra charge.

  • Turnaround time can vary from 1 week to 1 month due to life, work schedule, and possible health issues!

  • Final artwork will be sent unwatermarked through email.

  • You are free to post the commission publicly just please credit back to me!

  • You are free to use the artwork for personal use only. For commercial use please ask for estimated pricing.

  • Do not claim the artwork as your own!

  • I may decline a commission if i feel like i am unable to draw it well or feel uncomfortable with the subject.

  • Feel free to send any questions before ordering!

payment information

  • All prices are in USD

  • I accept payments through paypal invoice but I also accept alternatives such as cashapp, venmo, or zelle!

  • Once I have accepted your comm, I will start on the sketch. After sketch approval, I will send a payment request. I will not start working until payment has been received.

  • I do not offer refunds after I have finished the commission.

to do list


  • n/a


  • @crowsary(twitter) ; not started

  • @JessicaCC16(twitter) ; not started

  • aki ; not started

  • bun ; not started